July 25, 2022 - 5:43pm

Last week, Stonewall, the former lesbian and gay rights charity turned trans activist, jumped the shark. In a tweet remarking on a newspaper report about a parent concerned that their four-year-old was not being “validated” in her “trans identity”, Stonewall claimed that:

Research suggests that children as young as 2 recognise their trans identity. Yet, many nurseries and schools teach a binary understanding of pre-assigned gender. LGBTQ-inclusive and affirming education is crucial for the wellbeing of all young people!”

Just: wow. The idea that there is such a thing as a trans child is appalling propaganda, but nevertheless, even if we were to believe in the anti-scientific notion that one can be “born in the wrong body”, and that a four-year-old girl could actually be a trans boy is bonkers beyond belief.

This is an example of the extreme end of transgender ideology, but it is also the logical conclusion to this madness: if we are to believe in trans children, we have to believe in transgender babies. I don’t know about you, but when I was four I was neither exploring my “gender identity” or my sexuality. I was a small child, and already being conditioned into sexist stereotypes.

I do recall envying my brothers for the freedom that they were given to indulge in rough and tumble play, and to wear the clothes that allowed them to do that. While I mainly had toys that bored me stupid, such as tea sets, they had more exciting, action-packed games. I was not a trans child, I was a girl, curtailed by sexist gender rules.

Not only did Stonewall get it completely wrong when they suggested that the nursery was enforcing stereotypes on boys and girls, dictating how they should behave, they failed to recognise that the parent was angry because their nursery teacher had refused to accept that the four-year-old girl was a boy, and told her the truth.

Today, in a classic reverse ferret, Stonewall put out a tweet in which they claimed to have only been concerned about the nursery imposing sexist stereotypes on children who are ‘gender non-conforming’. What disingenuous rubbish. Feminists fight sexist stereotypes imposed on children, which includes resisting transgender ideology that dictates if girls don’t wish to play with dolls, that they must be boys, and vice versa. It is dangerous and it is ludicrous. Hopefully incidents like this are markers towards the end of Stonewall’s time as one of the country’s most powerful charities. 

Julie Bindel is an investigative journalist, author, and feminist campaigner. Her latest book is Feminism for Women: The Real Route to Liberation. She also writes on Substack.