Who wants to live forever?

09 Sep / 4 mins

The social care crisis can't be fixed with more money

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She is proof longevity doesn't lead to success

We need more Pen Farthings

01 Sep / 4 mins

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The dangers of Twitter

29 Jul / 7 mins

Sometimes death threats do come true

Women are being erased

23 Jun / 8 mins

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My fight for free speech

07 Aug / 5 mins

I was fired for supporting Brexit — justice has finally been served

How patriotism came home

12 Jul / 4 mins

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In the long battle for power, Keir Starmer is already playing clever politics

China’s useful idiots

11 Dec / 5 mins

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Even trans men live in a world of masculine entitlement

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Today's SJWs believe all that needs to be done to bring about a new world is to destroy the old one

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Is this peak Boris?

30 Jul / 5 mins

The Prime Minister's vaccine bounce could be starting to wane

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Susan Michie believes lockdown might not end in July — and facemasks could be here forever

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Are ABBA afraid of death?

08 Sep / 5 mins

Becoming a hologram is one way to manage mortality

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The Left’s science denial

07 Sep / 6 mins

Beware sharing politically convenient stories on social media

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We wrongly characterise the post-9/11 years as a period of triumphalism

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Let Boris have a nap

21 Jan / 4 mins

Why is the need for sleep seen as a sign of weakness?

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New documents reveal how leading scientists manipulated the truth

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While progressives tweeted, churches serving indigenous communities burned

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How France fell for QAnon

02 Sep / 6 mins

The land of Descartes fizzes with conspiracy theories

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It's hard not to pity those born around the millennium

Life is one big status game

02 Sep / 7 mins

Why Britain loves camping

20 Aug / 6 mins

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