February 6, 2024 - 2:25pm

→ Launch of the PopCons

Former PM Liz Truss today launched a new movement within the Tories, called Popular Conservatism. Joined on stage by fellow neo-Thatcherite Jacob Rees-Mogg and ex-deputy chairman Lee Anderson, Truss took aim at liberty-sapping “faceless organisations” that were exhibiting too much control over ordinary peoples’ lives. Hacks and commentators were quick to remind readers that Truss enjoys a net favourability score of -54%, but they may be surprised by the level of public support for the issues on which she is campaigning: stronger borders, anti-Net Zero and reducing the tax burden.

Rob Lownie reacts HERE.

→ Tucker in Moscow

Claims today surfaced on X that Tucker Carlson has indeed interviewed Vladimir Putin during his visit to Moscow. This news, predictably, has sharply divided liberals and conservatives: earlier CNN described Carlson as a “Putin-supporting celebrity” who was giving a platform to a war leader, while the former Belgium PM even mooted a travel ban for the former Fox News host. Might it be worth waiting until the interview is actually published?

→ Are the farmers winning?

Across Europe, farmer protests have been blockading cities and lining streets to protest against everything from diesel levies to Ukrainian grain imports. Today, the farmers scored a win against the EU after the bloc decided to scrap an anti-pesticide proposal in yet another concession to farmers. The risk of further unrest could further strengthen populist parties ahead of European elections this summer…

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