Richard H. Thaler: on vaccines, ‘nudge’ isn’t enough

Freddie Sayers challenges the Nobel prize winner and 'Nudge' inventor on the impact of his method

Prof. Jay Bhattacharya: I stand by the Great Barrington Declaration

The Stanford professor offers his reflections on the pandemic

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: on refugees we must learn from 2015

The discussion about numbers of Afghan refugees is eerily reminiscent of 2015

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Rupert Sheldrake: Science does not tolerate dissent

Freddie Sayers spoke to the biologist about the dogma of scientism

Govt modeller: What our Covid forecasts got wrong

SPI-M member Dr Mike Tildesley considers whether June 21st could have gone ahead

Kemi Badenoch: Britain is the best place in the world to be black

Freddie Sayers spoke to the Equalities Minister about race relations in the UK

Members event: has lockdown changed us forever?

UnHerd contributors joined Freddie Sayers on the "freedom day" that never was...

Jess de Wahls: Cancelled (and un-cancelled) by the Royal Academy

Freddie Sayers spoke to the artist about her fracas with the institution

Richard Dawkins: ‘Scientism’ is a dirty word

The prominent atheist discusses the limits of science and the fate of New Atheism

Sage scientist: Don’t rule out more delays

Susan Michie believes lockdown might not end in July — and facemasks could be here forever

Chris Bickerton: Welcome to the Technopopulist future

The Cambridge professor has identified a new force in democratic politics

Maya Forstater: Legal judgement on trans is a landmark

Freddie Sayers spoke to the former researcher about her court victory

Former press chief: the media was not racist towards Meghan

Ex-director of the Society of Editors Ian Murray speaks out about his resignation

Peter Singer: Despite everything, I’m still a cosmopolitan

The moral philosopher discusses whether his progressive worldview has come back to haunt him

Parent: Why I pulled my daughter out of antiracist school

Freddie Sayers spoke to Andrew Gutmann about his decision

Chloe Valdary: ‘wokeism’ is not a religion

Unlike Original Sin, the sin of Whiteness has no path to redemption

Nicholas Wade: the case for the Covid lab-leak theory

Freddie Sayers spoke to the science writer about his investigation into the origins of Covid-19

Fired Apple employee: a reckoning is underway

Freddie Sayers spoke to the tech engineer about his recent dismissal

Douglas Murray and Yanis Varoufakis: the EU is broken

Two thinkers of Left and Right find common ground in their critique of the bloc

Tiger mum Amy Chua on Asian-American tensions

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Mayor Ben Houchen: why Tories are winning the North

Freddie Sayers spoke to Teesside's newly re-elected Conservative mayor

Philosopher Matthew B. Crawford: Science has become corrupted

‘Following the science’ is a phrase that we have heard a lot of this year, but what does it actually mean?

Covid & QAnon at Camelot | Edgelands Ep.1

In the first episode of our new TV series, we talk Covid and QAnon at Camelot Castle

John McWhorter: white people should stand up to anti-racist ideologues

Freddie Sayers spoke to the writer about race relations in America

Church leaders: vaccine passports would be un-Christian

Two of the 1200 signatories of a letter to the PM spoke to Freddie Sayers

Did Sweden get Covid wrong?

Johan Giesecke, the outspoken epidemiologist, assesses a year of pandemic

Bridget Phetasy: will YouTube disappear me?

The comedian is nervous about her future on the platform

Dave Rubin: why the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ split up

The IDW convenor explains how the group became ideologically divided

Vermont Professor: I stand by my anti-whiteness video

Freddie Sayers spoke to Aaron Kindsvatter, professor of counselling at the University of Vermont

Tim Pool on Joe Biden, Occupy and Big Tech

Freddie Sayers spoke to the YouTuber about the state of affairs in America

Tom Tugendhat: the Chinese sent letters to my home

Placed on a sanctions list by the Chinese Government, the Tory MP talks to Freddie Sayers

Spermageddon: are humans going extinct?

Freddie Sayers spoke to Prof Shanna Swan about her new book 'Count Down'

Debate: are vaccine passports necessary?

Kirsty Innes of the Tony Blair Institute and Silkie Carlo of Big Brother Watch offer their arguments

Paul Kingsnorth: science can never replace myth

Freddie Sayers spoke to the writer about why he left the green movement

Headmaster: I refuse to make pupils wear masks in class

One London school will not be following the Government guidance

Rapper Loki: Class, not identity, should drive politics

Freddie Sayers discusses the taboo of social class with the Glaswegian musician

David Blunkett and Charles Walker join forces to question lockdowns

Politicians from Left and Right on being in the dissenting minority

Claire Lehmann: Facebook has made a bad miscalculation

Quillette's founding editor discusses the company's decision to pull news content

Government scientist speaks out: we want the old normal back

Freddie Sayers spoke to SPI-M member Dr Michael Tildesley about learning to live with the virus

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Covid has changed the immigration debate

The political activist and feminist discusses her new book, Prey

Roger Hallam: the conservative case for Extinction Rebellion

The environmental campaigner tells Freddie Sayers his movement is not just for the radical Left

Miriam Cates MP: we’re obsessed with what we can measure

The Red Wall MP discusses her concerns over school closures

Special report: is closing schools immoral?

Current and former teachers speak out on the true impact on children

Sacked Eton teacher: I stand by my patriarchy lecture

In his first interview, Will Knowland tells Freddie Sayers about his departure from the school

Adam Wagner: are lockdowns a threat to human rights?

The human rights lawyer gave Freddie Sayers a sobering assessment

Andrew Sullivan: I was right about Donald Trump

Freddie Sayers speaks to the columnist and commentator about the crisis in America

Jonathan Haidt: the political chaos isn’t over yet

Freddie Sayers asks the author and moral psychologist if the principles of The Righteous Mind still stand

Tech censorship: how paranoid should we be?

Freddie Sayers spoke to journalist and civil libertarian Glenn Greenwald, who gave an unsettling answer

Tom Holland: Is it Christian to cancel Christmas?

Freddie Sayers spoke to the historian about the religious impulse behind it

Swedish Professor: we are headed for disaster

Freddie Sayers spoke to Fredrik Elgh, a virologist at Umeå University in Northern Sweden

Meet Aella: the intellectual porn star

Freddie Sayers discusses the morality of porn with one of OnlyFans' most successful creators

Genomics expert: new Covid mutation was harder to control

Freddie Sayers spoke to David Engelthaler, a gene specialist who has been tracking Covid-19

Tutor speaks out on Cambridge free speech battle

Freddie Sayers spoke to Dr Arif Ahmed about the university's free speech vote

Hong Kong dissident: 100,000 could move to Britain next year

Freddie Sayers spoke to activist Nathan Law about his exile in London

Suzanne Moore: ‘I felt absolutely betrayed’

The former Guardian columnist tells her story to Freddie Sayers

Danish mask study author: effect may be small, but worthwhile

The author of a controversial new study into masks defends their use

Prof Tim Spector: hopes of a vaccine will lead to more lockdowns

The epidemiologist and ZOE app founder shares his concerns

Manchester student: they fenced us in like animals

Issy Smitheman describes her university experience to Freddie Sayers

Robert Cahaly: how we got the polls right

The Trafalgar Group pollster spoke to Freddie Sayers on the campaign

Bret Weinstein: whatever happens, the system is broken

Freddie Sayers speaks to the evolutionary biologist about today's election

Francis Fukuyama: What Trump got right

The thinker talks to Freddie Sayers about how populism is a matter of the soul

Scott Atlas: I’m disgusted and dismayed

Donald Trump's senior advisor talks to Freddie Sayers from the White House

Piers Morgan: I don’t want to be hated anymore

Freddie Sayers challenges the GMB host on lockdown and liberalism

Prof Francois Balloux: the climate of fear on Covid is dangerous

Freddie Sayers discusses the Covid pandemic with the renowned professor

How Trump mainstreamed Critical Race Theory

Freddie Sayers speaks to James Lindsay about the dangers posed by the ideology

French expert takes the Covid debate in a new direction

Jean-Francois Toussaint explains what the pandemic means for the human species

Sir Graham Brady: I can’t vote for another lockdown

The leading Tory backbencher tells UnHerd that the mood has changed decisively in the party

Merlin Sheldrake: the philosophy of fungi

Freddie Sayers speaks to the biologist about the mysterious world of mushrooms

Tyler Cowen on herd mentality and herd immunity

Freddie Sayers speaks to the influential US thinker about Covid-19, the media and Trump